A "Juice Cleanse" sounds so serious... and frankly, terrible! But if we are going to do it, let's...
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A "Juice Cleanse" sounds so serious... and frankly, terrible! But if we are going to do it, let's really do it!  3 days is ideal to start.

I did my first juice cleanse for all the wrong reason.  I worked on a team of amazing women and they were going to try it so I thought - what the heck.  We all loved to work out, try new fitness trends and immerse in the "modern" idea of Wellness.  It was 2010 and Wellness = Woo Woo, but everyone was talking about it.  I made the commitment like I was in High School again and wanted to do what the cool girls were doing. Needless to say, I had 100 reasons why I could not finish it and half of it went to waste.

I kept trying to cleanse with mixed results until a friend gave me her spin on all things Juice Cleanse.  From then on I tried different brands, different number of days, I set different goals and eventually settled on a few favorites.  Our Juice Cleanse was designed based on that journey.

Here's our spin:

1.  The Goal? Give Your Digestive System a REST!

2. Remember that once you commit, you are half way there!

3. If your are hungry, eat something - just be smart about it.

4.  It is always easier when you have a buddy.

5.  The journey is the reward!

Here's what to expect each day:  6 Juices + 1 House Made Cashew Milk

7:00 - wake with hot water or  tea
8:00 – GREAT START + Water
10:00 – MORNING GLORY + Water
12:00 – GREAT START + Water
2:00 – BE KIND + Water
4:00 – GREAT START + Water
6:00 – MORNING GLORY + Water
8:00 – NUT MYLK 


GREAT START / Kale, Parsley, Celery, Cucumber, Green Apple, Lemon, Ginger, Spinach
MORNING GLORY / Carrot, Lemon, Turmeric Root, Green Apple, Pineapple, Orange
BE KIND / Golden Beets, Green Apple, Carrots, Orange, Spinach, Ginger
SUPER DUPER / Cashew, Date, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Sea Salt

Here are few things to think about as you plan for your Cleanse:

  • Plan a pre + post-cleanse day, reduce caffeine, dairy, gluten, and meat.
  • Yes, you can work out but keep it mid-low impact.
  • Your Juice will be made to order and packaged in GLASS bottles so make sure that you have enough refrigeration space. 
  • The Juice will remain fresh for 3 days, we suggest that you plan multiple pick-up dates for 3 Day Cleanse orders.

A minimum of 30 hours notice is required.

Please plan your pick-up time carefully. We will not be able to replace any orders that are not picked up at the scheduled time. Currently, all online orders are for Pick Up Only.  

Pick Up Options:

  • All 3 days at once
  • First pick up - 2 days worth/ Second pick up 2 days later

We are happy to take your bottles back.  This is not a deposit model.  Please plan to return all bottles within ONE WEEK of completion. We can only take bottles that came from our shop and are cleaned and sanitized.

Drop us a note if you have any questions, we would be happy to chat!

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