Rose + Lincoln

Rose + Lincoln

People often wonder where the name Rose + Lincoln comes from.  Well, it is literally the intersection of Rose Ave. and Lincoln Blvd. in Venice, CA.

For me, it is where my grandparents lived - just up the block.  This is where some of my earliest memories were captured in photo albums and on home movies, surrounded by friends and family.  Always sunny, filled with love and simple pleasures.

My grandfather, George, was a gardener and a fisherman and always had a camera close by.  My grandmother, Tomi, worked in a department store and loved to have family and friends all around.  There was always laughter, Jello, freshly caught tuna sashimi and the sea breeze.  My grandparents were Japanese American and had lived though some of the most difficult times of their era, but they taught me to be kind, generous, dutiful and graceful.

My grandpa George liked to tinker in the garage.  The backyard was filled with mobiles and whirly-gigs that he crafted from old soda cans.

My grandma Tomi loved to make sure that things were done with care, especially if she was giving a gift.  She had a closet filled with wrapping paper, pretty little scraps of fabric and ribbon, and special gift tags for every occasion.  My aunties remember making chrysanthemum ribbon bows at the holidays.

The refrigerator in the garage was filled with every soda flavor that you could image.  They liked to make sure that they had your favorite.

They lived in the era of the "pop-in" visitors, it was wonderful.  As a kid, you never knew who would come by but when the doorbell rang it was always followed with laughter and hugs.

When I sat down to name my brand, naturally Rose + Lincoln had all the elements that are near and dear to me.  When you stop in, I want you to feel the same happiness from simple pleasures and good friends that filled the Matsuda home.  

Welcome to Rose + Lincoln


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Today is a gift!!  Smile and take it all in.

Today is a gift!! Smile and take it all in.


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